The legacy of USA Mutuals is, and will continue to be, rooted in the satisfaction of the thousands of investors we’ve had the privilege to serve. Their expectations are our expectations. Their success is our success. Yes, it can, and should be, that simple
Our simple mandate: Create an environment in which the company’s goals and expectations are truly aligned with our investors.

Navigator Fund

The Navigator Fund invests the portfolio in long and short equity stock index futures, primarily on the S&P 500® Index; however, other equity indices may be invested in from time to time. The Fund’s investment methodology, based on the portfolio manager’s proprietary quantitative indicators and models, begins with a top-down analysis of a broad array of fundamental and statistical data relating to the stock market.

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Vitium Global Fund Logo-01

Vitium Global Fund

The Vitium Global Fund invests in domestic and foreign companies engaged in the aerospace and defense industries, owners and operators of casinos and gaming facilities, manufacturers of cigarettes and other tobacco products, and brewers, distillers, vintners and producers of other alcoholic beverages. These sectors have exhibited resilient demand through economic cycles and have fundamental strengths that help explain why they’ve endured for centuries.

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At USA Mutuals, we believe that truly understanding the basic expectations and behavior of any investment strategy is paramount to its proper positioning within a portfolio. It is all too common in today’s alternative investment universe to encounter poorly defined or miscategorized investment objectives, both intentionally and unintentionally.

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Many funds attempt to be all things to all investors. Consequently, improperly utilized strategies can lead to unexpected results. This doesn’t necessarily mean a strategy is ineffective, it may simply mean it was incorrectly positioned relative to its actual attributes rather than its perceived attributes. This is an eminently fixable problem.

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We aim to clearly define the fundamental expectations of each of our strategies in various types of market cycles. Transparent and accurate expectations evolve into predictable risk management tools, and predictable risk management tools are the foundation of our portfolio construction philosophy.

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