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How Medical Marijuana Is Opening The Door To Recreational Cannabis

On October 17, 2018, Canada will become the first G-7 Country to allow citizens to consume recreational marijuana. This is the fulfillment of a campaign promise of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau as well as the culmination of the cultural normalization of cannabis that has been ongoing since medical marijuana was approved in 2002. While this is a tremendous event for the cannabis industry in Canada, it is by no means the end of the story and it is fair to...

Why Sin Stocks Are an Investor’s Salvation

If socially responsible investments appeal to investors’ do-gooder tendencies, sin stocks speak to the darker side of human nature. Sin stocks include companies whose activities are viewed as unethical or immoral. Ethical concerns aside, there are some solid reasons to make room for sin stocks in your portfolio. “In the long term, vice investing makes sense because these are often well-managed companies with generationally established brands and extremely loyal customers,” says Jordan C. Waldrep, portfolio manager of The Vice Fund...